About Us

Every child has a unique voice. We listen for it.

Education is the key to all our hopes and dreams. Hopes of a better world, limitless possibilities of a reimagined future and our dreams of equality of opportunity. We are a team of expert educators committed to support learners, parents, teachers and schools achieve the best educational outcomes.

We curate innovative EdTech platforms and successful teaching practices from around the world in order to deliver better educational outcomes at scale. This is how we can listen to many unique voices, all at once.

Our Services

Our Vision

To build a community where learners’ unique voices can be heard, all at once whilst providing individual and personalized support to teachers and learners

Our Values

Quality delivery of services, diligence, equity, fairness, love for humanity, politeness, sincerity of purpose, and recognition of talents.

Our Mission

  • Listening for every learner’s unique voice, every time

  • Providing resources, support and career advice for teachers to be relevant and effective educators including collaboration within global networked community

  • Ensuring learning is personalised for learners through stretch goals, targeted support and closing gaps with focus on the application of such learning

  • Providing academic and career advice with support for learners interested in international institutions, UK especially

Education is the key to all our hopes and dreams.

Children trained





I feel a new sense of purpose towards my career aspiration. A reposition of thoughts about the impact of my decision today over my future goals. Now I feel motivated, more focused and intentional towards achieving my goals.

- Student, Sunshine School

It was great to hear about the common pitfalls that could hinder or delay the fulfillment of purpose and lifetime happiness. I got an orientation that I should not allow my background to limit how far I can go in my career. I feel much more confident about avoiding errors and making excuses that can affect my future projects, thanks to the advice given today.

- Student, Olumawu School

I loved the advice about being a problem solver as it paves way for professional recognition and financial independence. I’m ready to identify problems and proffer lasting solutions, also investigating ways to better serve my community and the world at large.

- Bankys School

It was the first ever event I attended without paying for registration yet every attendee was well taken care of. It encourages collaboration and social interaction among participants from different schools and backgrounds. Children in this dispensation irrespective of their level of education need more of such insightful and educative events. Thanks to the organizers, it was a great one.

- Olumawu School