Education is the key to all our hopes and dreams.

Afrelib Teacher Network

The Afrelib Academy Teacher Network unites all teachers passionate about education standards in teaching and learning. We encourage greater collaboration to achieve extraordinary things for the profession and for learners.

Afrelib Fellow

As an Afrelib Academy fellow, you are an ambassador, a representative, and an advocate of the Academy’s initiatives at your work place(s) and across the globe. A Fellow is a highly respected professional with depth and breadth of experience to share with others.

Afrelib Super Tutor

This membership supports you to thrive in your career as a super teacher with opportunities for learning and developmental growth as well as additional revenue. Super Tutors will usually have deep expertise in specialised fields such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), Artificial Intelligence or Teaching Science. You will have access to professional development materials and trainings to develop your teaching expertise in line with mixed standard (Nigerian and International).

Afrelib Early Years Super Tutor

With this membership, you’ll have opportunities for learning and growth as well as extra revenue as an early years teacher (ages 0-5). Early Years Super Tutors are generally well-versed in the needs and provision of early childhood education. Training and materials will be provided to assist you in developing your teaching expertise in line with mixed standards (Nigerian and International).

Afrelib New/Preservice Tutor

Opened to new graduates, student-teachers, those enrolled on a course or programme of teacher training (e.g., NCE, NTI, B.Ed., B.A.Ed., PGDE).