About Us

Education is the key to all our hopes and dreams.

Hopes of a better world, limitless possibilities of a reimagined future and our dreams of equality of opportunity.

Every child has a unique voice We listen for it.

We are a team of expert educators committed to support learners, parents, teachers and schools achieve the best educational outcomes. We curate innovative EdTech platforms and successful teaching practices from around the world in order to deliver better educational outcomes at scale.

Some of our achievements and Programs
1. In our engagement with schools in the FCT region in Nigeria, we have worked and partnered with national and international organisations to provide leadership training and workshops, Ed tech platforms, technological challenges, Teachers' network.(where we conduct continuous professional development, awards, recognitions and extra income opportunities for teachers, and more) and conferences for approximately fifty schools and school leaders, 200 teachers, and approximately 700 students.

2. As the lockdown ended in October of 2021, and with covid disparities creating even wider chasms in the children’s learning gap, Afrelib Academy partnered with PAGS Profile, an AI-enabled online assessment and progress monitoring tool. It is used by the Afrelib Academy team working with schools to gain unique insights into how children learn, identifying learning and skill gaps, and providing teachers with strategies and resources to close identified learning gaps. Children with additional learning needs are especially underserved and often forgotten, and sometimes, even condemned to fail. Whether for a small school setting with 40 children or a whole school approach with 400 children within rural and/or urban settings, Afrelib Academy provides a measured, sustainable but scalable way to make significant impact to teaching and learning in Nigeria and potentially throughout Africa and diaspora. Afrelib Academy also creates awareness of fair and equal learning for all children irrespective of their learning abilities or challenges, social status, ethnicity or gender through different platforms.

3. Another example is the Tech Challenge we ran over the Christmas holidays, 80 children competed with each other on another AI-enabled platform, CenturyTech, attempting over 20,000 questions and answering 15,000 plus correctly. The joy and fulfilment on the winners faces cannot be quantified. Imagine the amount of learning achieved by that group of students at an international standard. The partnerships with PAGS Profile and CenturyTech are examples of the kind of highly progressive and highly impactful approach we bring into Education. For too long, we have continued to look in the rear view mirror whilst attempting to steer our children towards a brighter, better more fulfilling future. The outcome has been anaemic at best; and at worst, unforgivable failings.

4. Our way in Afrelib Academy is to do the hard work of monitoring the trajectory of where the future is going and then ensure we provide the teaching and learning skills required for educators and learners to be ready for that future. The fundamental difference is that, at Afrelib Academy, we are not going to compromise the future of our children by being afraid to confront what is needed to squarely face that future today.
To do this, we are creating:
1. The ability to listen very clearly to the individual and unique voice of every child
2. To distinctly gain insights as to how that child learns
3. To offer a personalised learning pathway for each child according to the child’s potential
4. To empower teachers to deliver improved learning whilst saving lesson preparation time

In addition to this, and this is where the real impact to the African continent is, we can now scale up this personalised approach for the very many and not just for the very few. This is because the future is now here. The ever increasing rate of advances in technology has been pointing to this moment for some time. Recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence brings us to this defining moment. It is why we designed and held this Easter and summer Tech Bootcamp. It is why we’ve also recently launched the summer Robotics and GPT AI Technology Challenge. We will intentionally continue to raise the stakes and the standards because our children, and their teachers, deserve the highest standards. The skills we see these children acquiring at events like these are incredible. These children are amazing when given the opportunity and we can’t wait to see them create explainable and trustworthy solutions to real life problems. The dawn of a new epoch due to technology advancement is now also providing an amazing opportunity for our children. This 2023 Afrelib Robotics AI GPT Tech challenge with 150 students working in 16 different teams, from different schools across the FCT to solve different real life problems across different sectors; education, agriculture, health, to mention a few. They worked diligently for 8 weeks from 1st June to 25th July. These are skills that are and will remain very attractive to global employers of the future; these are skills that entrepreneurs use to create local as well as global solutions to humanities' current and future needs. These are the skills that Afrelib Academy is ensuring that your children master today in order to successfully compete and excel at and above global standards in the future. Every child has a unique voice. At Afrelib Academy, We listen for it. Thank you

Every child has a unique voice. We listen for it.

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