CENTURY is an AI-powered online home learning platform that tailors study materials to the needs of every child. It combines the latest research in learning science, artificial intelligence and neuroscience to ensure that adequate learning is achieved. CENTURY's vision is for every teacher and learner to have access to intelligent tools that help them succeed.


Explore the different ways you can use CENTURY to make interventions in and outside of your classroom:

Catch up on lost learning: Help your students catch up on missed learning. With CENTURY, they have access to thousands of micro-lessons created by experienced teachers. As students complete the material, they get immediate feedback and recommendations.

Diagnostic assessments: Quickly identify where learning is secure and which areas need revisiting. CENTURY's diagnostics let you map initial levels of understanding in minutes. Use the data from these assessments to inform your planning and interventions.

Homework: Turn homework into a powerful intervention activity. With CENTURY you can choose from thousands of resources to assign to individual students or a whole class. Work is automatically marked so students receive instant personalized feedback with tips on how to improve.

Breakfast & After school clubs: Make interventions in these sessions more effective. Students can either complete their own recommended pathways or work with a teacher to address their learning roadblocks.

Independent learning: CENTURY is great for developing independent learning. Students can work on their skills and areas for improvement by following their Recommended Paths.

Cover lessons: Ensure your students are on track even when you're not there. With CENTURY you can quickly and easily set work and view student effort and performance.

Parent engagement: Empower parents with information to support their child's learning. Share a student's performance at parents evening or through the Guardian Portal to help parents understand which areas their child needs to focus on.

Exam revision: Make blanket revision a thing of the past. CENTURY helps you target revision so students can focus on their individual areas for improvement. Students can follow their personalised AI recommendations with content adapted to their needs or complete work set by you.