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Kathryn B. Suwa (M.S.Ed.)

Education Advisor at the U.S. Embassy

Kathryn B. Suwa (M.S.Ed.), an Education Advisor at the U.S. Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, has played a pivotal role in promoting international education and facilitating connections between Nigerian students and U.S. institutions over the last decade. Her achievements include increased awareness of educational and scholarship opportunities in the United States through outreach programs and workshops, and establishing collaborations between education stakeholders in international education.

Kathryn's expertise has guided applicants, parents, and institutions through the college application process, resulting in improved success rates for hundreds of Nigerian students. She has also conducted training sessions and developed resources to enhance the skills of high school counselors and teachers, promoting capacity building in the field of education. Additionally, Kathryn has fostered cultural understanding and appreciation of U.S. culture among Nigerians through thematic events and high school competitions highlighting U.S. culture and history.

Through her regional engagement and mentoring of new EducationUSA advisers, Kathryn contributes to knowledge sharing and support for students seeking educational opportunities from the sub-Saharan region. Her dedication and commitment to promoting quality education have made a significant impact on the lives of Nigerian students and families, empowering them to pursue educational pathways and contribute to societal advancement. She is a student affairs professional with a Masters degree in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education from the University of Wisconsin, La-Crosse (USA).